Thursday, May 21, 2009

1St Test Musim Hot ( khamis)

Chapter 2 until 3.7...ermmm
very interesting topic for the calculus 1
not so tough this test today,but what i disappointed with is my carelessness :(
so pity with me,
i got a little confusion after i had wrote correctly what the question wanted so much

but i think i can do the other the other questions, yeahh!!! :D

tomorrow got another quiz (3) i hope i can hit it very well and get full marks for it!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Summer Sem Yang BEST!! :D

Calculus 1

2.4.1 Definition of time limit

"Satu minggu 10 jam = 5 kali seminggu = satu hari 2 jam = satu hari 8.30-10.30 = hari2 bgn lambat = hari2 bljr calculus = stp mggu kuiz = stp hari belajar calculus = akhir sem dpt A : ) "